Demand Driven MRP

Can Materials Requirements Planning (MRP), a concept introduced over 60 years ago that has fundamentally not changed, still be relevant in today’s complex, global supply chain sectors?  At Demand Driven Africa we are working to change the way organisations plan and to radically improve the performance of their businesses.  Watch this video to understand why legacy planning systems such as classic MRP are no  longer effective.



We present training courses in the Demand Driven Methodology. Both our courses and instructors are endorsed by the Demand Driven Institute.

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Demand Driven Africa has been appointed by Demand Driven Technologies LLC as a channel partner for INTUIFLOW

Demand Driven Africa will simulate the results of using DDMRP with your inventories. 

To make use of this free offer, please download and put your data into our spreadsheet template.  For an explanation of the process, please open this link.

Insert the data from your system into the spreadsheet and send it to testdata@demanddriven.co.za, with your contact details.  We will run the simulation and send you the results.